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Can I block ads for all applications?

No, sadly. Blocking ads inside app is violating Google’s policy.

How does VPN blocking work?

AdShield creates a local VPN (Virtual Private Network) and all of your network traffic is routed through this VPN. This VPN is carefully configured to only modify the DNS settings of your network, while preserving your internet speed and not sending out any traffic to external VPN servers.

How do I enable Enhanced Browsing for Yandex Browser?

Tap settings icon on AdShield, scroll down and choose “Enhanced Browsing”.

Why can’t I select OK to approve the VPN connection request?

There might be another (invisible) application on top of the VPN connection request dialog. Some known (screen dimming) applications which can cause this are Lux Brightness, Night Mode, and Twilight. To avoid this problem, at least temporarily, close all applications and/or services which may be running in the background.

Why auto start / background service doesn’t work?

Some Android OEMs (e.g. Nokia, Xiaomi, OnePlus or Huawei) stop app from doing it . To resolve this issue, go to Troubleshooting page for more information.

Can you remove the notification from the status bar?

Android tends to kill background services at any time. This can only be prevented by turning a background service into a foreground service. Android requires an ongoing notification for all foreground services. So, the notification cannot be removed without causing instability. However, the notification is being marked as low priority, which should result in moving it to the bottom of the list.

The key icon and/or the VPN running notification, which is shown by Android and not by AdShield, unfortunately, cannot be removed. The Google documentation states: “A system-managed notification is shown during the lifetime of a VPN connection”.

Still, for Android 8 Oreo and later, there is a workaround.

  • Open Settings > Apps & notifications > App info
  • Open settings (three dots); Select “Show system”
  • Select “Android System”
  • Select “App notifications”
  • Select “Apps running in background”

Select “Importance” and select “Low”

Can I use another VPN application while using AdShield?

Partially yes. If you are already using a third party VPN, in this case, due to system limitation, you can only use Yandex Browser with AdShield extension(Enhanced Browsing feature, located on AdShield settings page) if you wish to continue to use AdShield while you’re using another VPN application.

Why Chrome still have ads with AdShield on?

Please make sure async dns resolver is disabled and DNS cache is cleared. If Chrome still have ads, you may need to clear Chrome cache. Please do the following.

  • Long press Chrome icon
  • Navigate to App info and tap “Storage & cache”
  • Tap “Clear cache”
  • Then restart Chrome

We can arrange a remote support if ad-blocking isn’t working after you followed all the steps. You can contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Why does application XYZ still have ads / doesn’t have Internet access?

Please reboot your device and relaunch AdShield. If problem persists, send the name of app and the download link to [email protected]. We will fix it as soon as possible.

How do I know you respect my privacy?

We understand that privacy is one of the biggest concerns for Internet users. Truth be told, we, as user, can’t actually know that whether a company/organization is truly takes users privacy seriously. But rest assured, your sensitive information is remain untouched.

First, we are not interested in collecting & reading your personal information. In fact, we can’t collect any identifiable personal information. You may notice that It is not necessary to provide personal information in order to use AdShield.

Second, AdShield processes all interceptions right on your mobile devices. We do not log your network activities. None of your network traffic will be send to any of our servers.

In summary, your privacy are well-respected. After all, we don’t have your personal data since day one. It is technically impossible for us to invade someone’s privacy.

For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy.

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